Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Things to See on Your Holidays in Jamaica

Among all the islands in the Carribean, Jamaica is the most popular, and this has been the case since early 1950s. The land of the beaches and sun fascinates every visitor, drawing them into its folds over and over again. Be it soaking in the sun on the beach, or relaxing in the comfort of your beach cottage, the island has it all. Locals and tourists throng to get a piece of the mountains, beaches and rich culture appeals to people across age groups. Music is what runs through every soul residing in Jamaica, so parties are a regular event out here.

Blue lagoon is one of the most beautiful spots in Jamaica and is popular since many Hollywood movies are mad here. The lagoon's colour is known to change every couple of hours during the day to jade or emerald. In 2004, after Hurricane Ivan hit the area, the Blue lagoon restaurant was closed for a while, but there is access to the blue lagoon waters for all those who wish to take a dip in these crystal clear waters. There is even a fresh water spring closeby, which was shown in movies such as Blue Hole and others.

The small village of Nine Miles is quite known and popular amidst tourists, even though it is a bit out of the way from Jamaica. This is the place that is home to the King of reggae, Bob Marley. The Museum is a way of showing gratitude and showcasing some of his works to the public. In the museum, there is a hut, painted in yellow, green and red, which is where Bob Marley is said to have spent his early years.

Negril is a place that will have you falling in love with the beaches, and the long sandy stretches. In Jamaica, if there is one sight that every visitor must see, it has to be this pristine surrounding, where the blue and green from surroundings reflects on the water, giving it vibrant colours through the day. Coral reefs lying off shore, the peach coloured sun set are some of the sights that will take your breath away, and you would wish you could spend every living minute on these islands.

The white witch of the Rose Hallis a legendary murder mystery that took place in Jamaica. Since then, the place has become a monument and tourist spot, and today, the three storey tall building stands grand amidst the deserted island speaking to the tourists of its history

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