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How to have a better holiday on the Gold Coast

A Fun Filled Gold Coast Vacation For The Family‏

Dreamworld is home to the Big 6 Thrill Rides including Cyclone Roller coaster,Wipeout,Tower of Terror ,Giant Drop, The Claw and the Mick Doohan Motocoaster.You can run riot at Nick Central with 16 rides and attractions and your favorite Nickelodeon characters or ride in the Big Red Car and meet the Wiggles friends at Wiggle World. Take a walk on the wild side at The Australian Wildlife Experience and come face to face with rare Bengal tigers at Tiger Island or you could try out the Worlds latest board sport on Flowrider, Dreamworlds permanent wave!

The Gold Coast's newest water park is White Water World. With it's close proximity to Dreamworld it combines adrenaline pumping thrill rides with a family friendly beach, Aussie Beach paradise. The four major water slides are said to be four of the best in the world, including one of only two LIM powered rocket coasters in the world and the one and only octopus racer, an eight lane racer in the world.

You can take a twist on the Green Room, the Super Tubes, the Rip and the blue ringed Octopus. Take your mates along for a ride on the brand new Little Rippers and see who comes out first. Nickelodeons Pipeline Plunge or Wiggle Bay are other exciting attractions available at W.W.W. This park pays homage to everything Australia.

Warner Brothers Movie World is full of heart pumping rides which include the Batwing, the Superman Escape, Lethal Weapon and Wild West Falls. The WB kids zone is full of colorful Looney Tunes characters and all the WB stars. The all new live show titled "What Up Rock" is a must see for all ages. For even more excitement, you must check out the all new $10 million Hollywood Stunt Driver show which features legendary car chases, car crashes and car stunts. This park provides family fun year round

Sea World is an exhilarating experience not to be missed. There are dolphin shows and roller coasters and funny sea lion shows which will leave you in stitches. Other fun at Sea World includes the Polar Bear exhibit and the shark tanks. Here every ones favorite Sesame Street Characters perform and walk the streets all day long and play in the new kids adventure area, Sesame Street Beach.

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Heading to the beach onm a better holiday!!!

How to Plan a beach trip on a better holiday

The very idea of going for a beach trip sounds so much fun and interesting. After all, who wouldn't like to have the fun and frolic of playing on the beach or simply basking in the sun glory? The better part about a beach trip is that it helps you enjoy some time time with your family. If you want the trip to be of fun and of relaxation both, you want to put in attempts to plan it moderately and that too previously. Let's have a look at some of the measures that can help you in organising a perfect beach trip that you are certainly going to enjoy.

The most urgent action to do when organizing a beach trip is to choose an appropriate beach. The location you choose will contribute directly to the successfulness or failure of your trip. Popular or tourist beaches may not be the number one place to go to as they are often packed and offer little scope for relaxation. Isolated or inland beaches on the contrary, are a better bet. They have the same sand and surf but are decidedly less crowded.

Nobody likes to get bored on the beach trip. Right? Well if you too desire to avoid any boredom on your trip, it is advisable to search for factors that will make your trip lots more fun. You can take along things that may help you increase the fun element of your trip. You can think about taking along equipments like football ball, Frisbee and lots more. In addition you may also consider taking board games too. If you are an ardent reader, taking books along will actually sound the best concept to you. For all the music lovers, taking along a music player can be great fun for your beach trip. With so many things at arm's length from you, you definitely would enjoy every moment of your beach trip to the maximum without any scope for boredom.

Taking care of your water needs is a must when you are preparing a beach trip. Since you'll be in the sun twenty four seven, it is critical that you carry enough water along. It is counseled that you have more water than you often drink. This will guarantee you do not return from your trip dehydrated. Since kids hate gulping water every now and then, you can keep some squashes or juices for them.

Apart from water, you also have to take care about the food that you carry along. Don't carry extremely heavy lunches and snacks. Since you're going to be out in the sun, it is generally advised that you opt for light nibbles like whole grain sandwiches or salads. Regardless of whether you're not carrying your own lunch, ensure that you do not go in for deep-fried nibbles or foods loaded with cheese. These foods will only make you dizzy.

Simply keep these tips in mind and you're bound to have plenty of fun under the sun at the beach.

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Saturday, 27 March 2010

How to have a great holiday in Dubia

Top 5 beach resorts in Dubia Africa

If you're looking for a Dubai beach holiday with your own butler, walls covered in gold, no less than five private pools at your disposal and to be surrounded by no-one but the uber-rich, then your every wish will be granted at these hyper-luxurious beach resorts in Dubai.

1) Mina A' Salam

The Mina was the first Dubai beach hotel completed as part of the Madinat Jumeirah resort. Built around 2 miles of Venetian-style waterways filled with abras that ferry guests around the Dubai beach resort, the Mina aims to marry Dubai's modern-day opulence with its old-world architecture.

The sand-coloured buildings making up this Dubai beach hotel are striking on the outside and palatial inside. Each of the 292 sea-facing rooms are styled in keeping with the Arabian theme: heavy studded doors give way to Moorish arches hung with ornate lanterns, and the beds are piled high with exotic dark blue, red and gold fabrics.

But the real hook for this Dubai beach hotel are the large terraces which jut out towards the water, ideal for sitting and sipping a leisurely G 'n' T as the sun goes down on your Dubai beach holiday. With walkways along the harbour, al fresco restaurant terraces and a souk full of lavish boutiques, Mina has a distinctly village feel to it - albeit a village full of those looking for luxury.

2) Le Royal Meridien

This Dubai beach hotel is situated on a pristine stretch of private beach with a stunning view of the Arabian Gulf. It is set in landscaped gardens overlooking the famous Jumeirah beach.

Roses are a big deal at the Royal Meridien. In the rooms of this Dubai beach hotel are finger bowls of water floating with petals to dip the digits; more rose residue scatters the bed and the bathroom has more blooms than a florist on 13 February. Such opulence is typical of Le Meridien's flagship brand and the pools, gardens and great stretch of sand have been sculpted in a timelessly classic style.

Sexy European clients flitter around the upmarket all-beige coffee spaces and bars, and it is doubtful that the pool has seen a full swimsuit in its life. For more decadence, head to the Roman Spa. This hotel is perfect for an indulgently romantic Dubai beach holiday.

3) Jumeirah Beach Hotel

Jumeirah Beach Hotel is a 5-star hotel which opened in 1997. This wave-shaped hotel complements the sail-shaped Burj Al Arab, which stands opposite in the sea. Beside the hotel is the Wild Wadi Water Park, a fantastic Dubai beach holiday destination, to which all guests in the hotel have unlimited access.

When completed in 1997, the Jumeirah Beach Hotel became the 9th tallest building in Dubai. Today, it is ranked lower than the 100th tallest building. Despite its lower rankings, the hotel remains a Dubai landmark.

4) Le Meridien Mina Seyahi

The Le Méridien Mina Seyahi Beach Resort & Marina is set on Jumeirah Beach, opposite Emirates Golf Club and Montgomery Golf Course. This Dubai beach hotel is a boutique-styled luxury beach resort. Dubai's cultural and tourist venues like the Dubai Museum and Gold and Spice Souks are conveniently accessible from the hotel, excellent for Dubai beach holiday outings.

It is outside where the Mina really comes into its own. With over 2,800ft of golden sands, the hotel boasts more beach than any of the other beach resorts in Dubai, and it utilises every inch of it with excellent water sport facilities.

The hotel is great for guests looking for a more active Dubai beach holiday. It features outdoor facilities for up to 5,000 guests, eight restaurants and bars, five outdoor pools and access to a range of sport activities such as water skiing, kayaking, and windsurfing, and a glass-fronted gym that allows you to look out to sea while working out.

5) Burj Al Arab

The Burj Al Arab is a giant-size beach resort in Dubai and, at 321 metres, the tallest building used exclusively as a hotel. However, another Dubai hotel, the Rose Tower, which has already topped Burj Al Arab's height, will take away its title upon its opening in April 2008.

The Burj Al Arab stands on an artificial island 280 metres out from the coast, and is connected to the mainland by a private curving bridge. This lavish Dubai beach hotel is an iconic structure designed to symbolise Dubai's urban transformation and to mimic the sail of a boat.

The world's first (self-described) seven-star hotel, the Burj certainly goes to extremes - which are often ridiculous for most travellers - to please its über-wealthy Dubai beach holiday clientele. Still, set nearly 900 feet out in the Persian Gulf on a man-made island, this sail-shaped icon has come to signify Dubai's tourism ascent since it opened in 1999. The hotel contains more than 20,000 square feet of real gold leaf.

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