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Tips for Shooting Video During the Holidays

Insider Tips to Get Cheaper Summer Holidays

As the Marketing Director for a travel/holiday company, I'm always being asked on the best way to save money on holidays (vacations). As I'm privy to a lot of insider information about pricing, I'm always happy to share this information with friends and family. Here are my best 6 tips.

Some things benefit from early booking, some don't. Typically, hotel prices will drop the closer you get to your arrival date, but you may miss out on your preferred date or location. Villas and apartments are similar in that holiday companies will want to sell them for something rather than leave them empty, but this will only work if you're booking through the travel company directly rather than a travel agent - travel agents have nothing to lose if it is unsold because they work on a commission basis. Sometimes, it is worth putting in a late request to owners on the "owners direct" type websites but beware that they are typically not bonded or covered by regulations, so standards may slip for a "cheaper" booking. The exception to this is very early booking, when a travel company will often give a discount (or free car hire etc) for an advance booking (typically more than 6 months in advance). Flights - well predictably, they're different! As a general rule, they tend to increase in price from their release to the flight date, so booking early is advised. And car hire - just make sure that you book it from home as you won't want to see the prices once you arrive at your holiday destination!
Try one of the travel industry "innovations" such as auctions, deals or clubs Many reputable and bonded companies now run travel auctions, either via an auction site such as ebay or directly on their own website. There are numerous other tricks and innovations, such as "Buy one, get one free" holidays, typically for people who are able (and prepared) to travel in the off-season. There are a number of holiday "clubs" springing up that offer their "members" holidays discounted by huge percentages. Never be tempted to pay to be a "member" but sign up to a few to receive their offers - and always check the prices before booking to make sure they really are being offered at the discount stated.
Be aware of booking seasonsThere are different booking seasons as well as holiday seasons, and being aware of them is crucial in bagging a bargain. For example, villa companies make a lot of sales for summer arrivals in December and January, so are less inclined to shave the price. However, they'd like to be selling some apartments and hotels, but there is less demand - at these times, you can often negotiate a deal on something that has less demand. Another seasonal factor is your arrival date. On the Greek Islands, the season runs from May to October, with peak being July and August. Holiday companies will take contracts on their villas and apartments for the entire season and know that they are likely to sell availability in the peak season, when demand is high, but unlikely to sell out in the shoulder months. Consider travelling in May, September and October, when you are more likely to get a discount, and if you're a couple or smaller party, you could ask for a villa for the price of an apartment - this can sometimes work because family villas are less popular outside school holiday periods - and just enjoy some extra space at no extra cost.
Register for newsletters This is all about information and choice. Only register for the companies that you would trust to take you on holiday, so your inbox isn't cluttered up by endless travel emails! However, most companies advertise their cheap holiday deals and offers via their newsletter, often when they don't advertise them on the website because they want the unsuspecting "just found the website" booker to have the chance to pay full price. Don't be that person!
Ask and you may receive, don't ask and you won't. Always speak with a representative of the company before you book. This is essential, general advice, as you'll be able to gauge how you are likely to be treated on your holiday. Do they remember you? Do they respond to you quickly? Are they pleasant? And while you're talking to them... ask if you can have a discount! It is very unlikely that they'll ever offer, so if you don't ask, you won't receive. Just be aware that sometimes, when you do ask, you won't receive either! Don't make your holiday choice based only on price - if you save a little but have a far worse holiday, then that saving just isn't worth it. On a personal note, I'd advise only booking with a specialist - ask questions, let them do your research, because ultimately, that's what you're paying for and they should be able to find you the holiday that fits your requirements. Look for services such as a holiday personal shopper that allows you to specify your exact needs, or phone and ask questions.
Go where the locals go. If you're eating with your fellow country folk, you will be paying more than the locals. Even worse, you'll probably be eating worse food because you're not as fussy as the locals! Be a little adventurous (without being dangerous) in everything you do, whether that be the beach you use, the shop where you buy your groceries or where you eat. It's also more likely that you'll be helping the local economy rather than giving money over to a multinational chain, so you can even feel good about what you're doing!

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Ocean Village Cruise Holiday

Cruise Holiday Can Be One Of The Best Vacations

Going on an all inclusive cruise holiday can be one of the best vacations of your life. All inclusive cruise holidays have really become popular over the last decade, and with good reason. Once you have budgeted for your holiday, you can just relax, knowing that everything you do while on vacation will be included.

The cruise itself is a wonderful experience, your accommodations will be splendid, and all your meals are included, as are all your drinks. You can truly enjoy your holiday to the fullest without even thinking about money during the actual vacation.

The choices of where to travel are nearly limitless, and you also have so many choices in how many ports to stop in during your all-inclusive-cruise. If you have never vacationed on a cruise ship before you are really going to be delighted. The service you receive is the finest you can imagine, as is the food. There are shows on board the cruise ship that are first rate, also. Anything you may need, such as a hair salon, spa, fitness center or even a movie theater is all available aboard your luxury cruise ship.

There are always many planned activities each day to participate in, not to mention swimming pools to relax by. Many cruise holidays have themes, such as a singles theme, or an over 50 theme, which can be a great way to make new friends. There are also family oriented all-inclusive-cruises, which have special activity directors to keep children occupied and entertained also.

Whatever type of all-inclusive cruise you chose to take, you are sure to count it among the best vacation you have ever experienced, not to mention an exceptional value for your money. Once you have taken one of these wonderful holidays, you may decide to make all your future vacations all-inclusive cruises!

For more information about all inclusive cruise holidays, visit

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Trailer for the Mauldives

Mauritius the dream island

When looking for the perfect vacation in beautiful weather, you have to look no further than Mauritius holidays. Based in Mauritius Island, this island is an oasis of peace and tranquility. Do not get fooled though, because there is a plethora of activities and sites to see on the island of beauty, Mauritius.

There is a plethora of hotels in Mauritius that you can select from, including deluxe five star hotels down to affordable three star hotels. The easiest way to find a hotel that suits your needs is to research online. Many websites break down the hotels by region from north to south and east to west on the island. If there is a particular hotel you have heard good things about and would like to research up on it, you can simply enter the hotel's name in the search bar.

Every site is different, but each should provide some sort of sample as to what the hotel looks like. You can also find the activities offered at the hotel itself such as pools, bars, and entertainment. Once you find the perfect Mauritius hotel, you can either call and make reservations or book your room online.

As far as the entertainment goes, the beautiful Mauritius weather allows for a number of different activities on the island. Because it is an island surrounded by gorgeous turquoise water, water activities are by far the most popular. You can lounge on the beach or take a dip in the water, or snorkel and see the fish that fill the sea.

Because of the number of fish that fill the surrounding sea, deep see fishing is a popular activity among tourists. Some of the species include blue and black marlin, a number of different sharks, yellow tuna and the barracuda. There are several world fishing records that the island holds, making every trip on boat a thrill.

If you are looking for some fun in the sun outside of the water, several hotels offer excellent golf courses. You can determine if your hotel offers a golf course by searching the activities offered by the hotel. Perhaps the most exquisite golf course is "The One&Only Le Touessrok Golf Course," as it lies on its very own tropical island. It offers one of the most amazing golf settings in the world with white sands and a backdrop of the green mountains.

When booking a flight to Mauritius, the easiest way to find great deals at the time you want to vacation is through a travel agent. You can begin doing research of your own on the internet. Each website on Mauritius has travel information for you to compare airline prices and determine when the best time to travel is.

Mauritius offers a peaceful, yet adventurous vacation at the same time to tourists. The list of activities could go on forever with spas, honeymoon specials, and shopping to bring home those souvenirs. With booking flights and hotels being so easy, you can begin enjoying a vacation you will never forget at Mauritius holidays.
Author Resource:- Orchid Villa is the online Mauritius holidays resource for people looking to spend a wonderful island vacation.

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Holidays travels in Turkey - very nice!

Plan your 2010 Holiday in Ireland

It seems that Ireland is going to be the place to visit in 2010, there's even talks of the Pope and President Obama visiting the Emerald Isle! It's also expected that there will be a rise of 3% in the number of tourists visiting Ireland (according to Tourism Ireland), so it's not all doom and gloom. In fact, Irish tourist destinations like Galway, Kilkenny, Dublin and Killarney are set to offer fantastic deals on accommodation and airlines like Continental, Delta and US Airways are expected to have some low cost flights to Ireland.

The Swansea-Cork Ferry will also make a welcome return on 1st March. It connects the UK 4 Motorway directly with Cork which is perfect for those who want to bring the car and do a self drive tour of southern Ireland.

Bus tours, attractions and eating out will also be a lot easier on the pocket, so if you've always dreamed of holidaying in Ireland, there's never been a better time to spend those saved pennies!

Family Holiday in Ireland

A family holiday in Ireland is an unforgettable experience as there's a wealth of family amenities and attractions to enjoy. Ireland is also a playground for outdoor activities like golfing, horse riding, cycling, swimming and water activities. Self catering accommodation is ideal for a family holiday. There's a wide range of family friendly properties to choose from whether you'd like a cottage by the sea or an apartment in the city.

City Break in Ireland

The main city break destinations in the Republic of Ireland are; Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick, Kilkenny and Waterford. Each has its own unique appeal and atmosphere so do your research before you visit and find out which one is for you!

Honeymoon in Ireland

They say that honeymoons were actually invented in Ireland in ancient times - so where better to celebrate it! Ireland is perfect for your special romantic getaway. It's one of the most beautiful countries in the world boasting spectacular scenery, hidden hideaways, romantic countryside, gourmet restaurants and lots more. Whether you want to stay in a majestic castle or a quaint cottage, there's something for you.

Mairead writes for Ireland travel and accommodation website

Visit for everything you need to know before you visit Ireland like where to go and what to see. You can also book Tourist Board approved accommodation all over the country from self catering, B&B's and guesthouses to Hotels in Ireland.

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How about a Holioday in Mauritius

Holidays in Lanzarote - Winter Sun

Spring still doesn't appear to be on its way in any particular hurry, so as the UK prepares itself for another spell of freezing weather if anyone is determined to see blue skies and feel the suns rays on their skin in the coming months, it seems as if one of the best options would be to book a holiday somewhere else. Holiday prices are still very low so now is a good time to get online and see what's available to break the winter blues.

But where can holidaymakers go and be confident of better weather than the UK? One of the best and closest destinations has to be Lanzarote. As the most easterly Canary Island it has good weather all year round and almost no rainfall. At only four hours flight time, it is the nearest thing Europe has to a Caribbean island. Lanzarote continues to bask in warm weather, with an average temperature of 20C even in the middle of December.

The island is well respected as a tourist hotspot, and it already has a well-developed infrastructure that includes a range of accommodation. At the cheaper end of the market, there is a wide choice of apartments in Lanzarote that have been designed with self-catering in mind.

Most apartment complexes are set within semi-tropical gardens around a communal swimming pool. None will be more than three storeys tall, as strict rules about construction mean that buildings can only be as tall as a palm tree. A good number of these complexes have been refurbished in recent years to bring the accommodation up to date, with modern style furnishings.

For couples who just want to laze on the beach and try the local bars and restaurants in the evenings, an apartment in Lanzarote is ideal. Most have good basic facilities, so that the odd self-catered meal can be easily thrown together. This style of accommodation is also ideal for the more active, sporty types, who spend all day surfing and cycling and crashing out in the evening.

Meanwhile at the other end of the scale there is marvellous selection of private villas available to rent throughout the year in all three of the main resorts, as well as plenty dotted around the countryside. Holiday villas in Lanzarote provide the kind of home-from-home comforts that many holidaymakers prefer these days including internet access, air conditioning and use of a private swimming pool.

Given the huge variety in decor, there are villas to suit every taste. Which in turn means that every visitor ends up with a highly unique holiday in Lanzarote, reflecting the experience they have from start to finish? Whilst many people come principally for the sun, a large majority of visitors to the island often find plenty of activities to keep them amused as well.

Whether that entails a day's sailing or golfing or visiting each of the centres of Art and Culture, Lanzarote has a lot to offer. Its tourist attractions are stylishly individual, having been created by the internationally renowned artist, Cesar Manrique who has left a legacy on the island that will remain for decades to come. These centres range from a Cactus Garden to a Farming Museum, with each detailing some aspect of the lives that many locals have lived over the centuries.

Some of the islands villas come equipped as a home-from-home, with DVD libraries and books to entertain their guests. Others have games rooms, with pool tables and PlayStations. Nearly all have built-in barbecues, as the weather allows al-fresco dining at all times of the year. Private swimming pools are also the norm, with most heated during the winter months to just take the chill off the water, and for garden enthusiasts, the wide range of semi-tropical flowers that thrive in this climate will provide splashes of colour throughout the winter if your villa has its own landscaped garden.

By Dave Talbot: Lanzarote is an ideal location for those looking for a year round warm and friendly travel destination closer to Europe and the UK. To investigate more about this stunning island visit for information about Lanzarote villas and self catering Lanzarote apartments

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Holidays - in the danger Zone

Holidays in Uruguay

Uruguay, or Republica Oriental del Uruguay as it is officially known, is a name that has been derived from a Guarani word, which means "river of painted birds", "river of shellfish" or "river the Uru birds come from." Before independence, it was called as Banda Oriental del Uruguay.

No doubt, people in the country have very well saved their culture and tradition, which is a clear indication of how far they are attached to them. Uruguayans are very intensely devoted towards their nation. Welfare of the country is the priority there.

Since 1917, although the law states the right to accept any religion, people are not very religious inclined. Actually, if you look at statistics, around one-third of the Uruguayan population is drawn to religion.

About 60 percent of the total population is Catholic, but most people do not attend church or mass regularly. It is nothing, but a fact which introduces their thinking, which is free from conservatism.

Around 4 percent are Protestants and 2 percent of the total population is covered by the Jewish community. Africa and Israel migrants are also spread over.

Worldwide celebrated holidays are enjoyed with open heart, but being secular, the Uruguayans preferred to change the name of the holidays. National holidays in Uruguay are nearly the same that are celebrated world over, but they have some additional days to celebrate their heroes and independence. However, many names have been changed. For instance, Christmas Day is more popularly known as Family Day, while the Holy Week is referred to as Tourism Week.

Uruguayans also celebrate New Year's Day on January 1, Labor Day of May 1, Day of the Americas on October 12, Day of the Deceased on November 2 and Carnival in February or March. All these are national holidays in Uruguay.

In addition, August 25 is Independence Day, Constitution Day is on July 18, and 33 Patriots' Day on April 19 are the main national holidays devoted to the history of the country.

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Bit of fun on Holiday

Few Holidays Coming Up in the US

Presidents Day: Third Monday of February
Presidents Day is the common name for the United States federal holiday officially designated as George Washington birthday. On this day, many American schools use the days leading up to President Day to educate students about the history of the Presidents of the United States, specially Washington and Lincoln. Today, the February holiday has become well-known for being a day in which many stores hold sales. Some schools, which used to close for a single day for both Lincoln and Washington birthday, now often close for the entire week (beginning with the Monday holiday) as a "mid-winter recess".

Memorial Day: Last Monday of May
Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day, is a day of remembrance for those who died serving the United States. It is usually observed by visiting cemeteries and memorials; placing flags and flowers on the graves of fallen heroes. The US flag is usually raised at half-staff until noon, together with the "POW/MIA Flag".

Independence Day: July 4
Also known as the Fourth of July, this holiday commemorates the adoption of the declaration of independence on July 4, 1776, declaring independence from the kingdom of Great Britain. Commonly associated with fireworks, parades, barbecues, carnivals, picnics, baseball games, and various other public and private events celebrating the history, government, and traditions of the United States, but is often viewed as simply a summer festival, apart from its patriotic overtones.

Labor Day: First Monday of September
This holiday began in 1882, originating from a desire by the Central Labor Union to create a day off for the "working man". When the holiday was first proposed, recommendations was given as to how it should be observed and celebrated, a street parade to exhibit to the public "the strength and esprit de corps of the trade and labor organizations" of the community, followed by a festival for the recreation and amusement of the workers and their families. This became the pattern for the celebrations of Labor Day. However, at present, it is celebrated mainly as a day of rest and marks the symbolic end of summer for many.

Columbus Day: Second Monday of October
It is a holiday celebrating the anniversary of Christopher Columbus arrival in the Americas, on October 21, 1942. The same event is commemorated in other countries in the Americas as Dia de la Raza (Day of the Race) in may countries in Latin America, Dia de las Culturas (Day of the Cultures) in Costa Rica, Discovery Day in the Bahamas, Hispanic Day in Spain, and the newly-renamed (as of 2002) Dia de la Resistencia Indigena (Day of the Indigenous Resistencia) in Venezuela. This holiday is usually celebrated with parades.

Veterans Day: November 11
Veterans Day is an American holiday for honoring war veterans. It is celebrated on the same day as Armistice Day or Remembrance Day in other parts of the world, falling on November 11, the anniversary of the signing of the armistice that ended World War I. On this day, Veterans Day parades are usually held all over the country.

Thanksgiving Day: Last Thursday of November
Thanksgiving, or Thanksgiving Day, is an annual secular one-day holiday observed in Canada and the United States to celebrate being thankful. The holiday origins trace to harvest festivals that have been celebrated in many cultures since ancient times, and most people celebrate by gathering at home with family or friends for a holiday feast. In the United States, Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth of Thursday of November and, in Canada, on the second Monday in October. On this day, families usually gather together for Thanksgiving, dinner where turkey is traditionally served. Stuffing, mashed potatoes with gravy, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, maize, other fall vegetables, and pumpkin pie are commonly associated with Thanksgiving dinner. All of these primary dishes are actually native to the Americas or were introduced as a new food source to the people of Europe when they arrived.

Christmas Day: December 25
Christmas or Christmas Day is a holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus, the central figure of Christianity. However, these dates are merely traditional; the great majority of scholars agree that the actual birth date of Jesus is unknown. Aspects of the celebration may include gift-giving, Christmas trees, display of nativity sets, church attendance, the father Christmas/Santa Claus myth, and family gatherings.

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Few good scenes from this song

Lets Holiday in Austrialia!!!!

Public holidays in Australia differ in number and timing. Each state in the country has its own set of holidays that are truly its own that others, like expats from the UK, do not have. All in all, there are many public days off in Australia and often these are non-working holidays. Individuals that work on these days are given premiums for their services on these days.

The following are the recognized holidays throughout Australia:

Christmas Day, Proclamation Day or Boxing Day and New Year's Day. These are the basic holidays and these are festival days that are celebrated in the country. During this season though, there are still some businesses and enterprises that continue operating during these days.

Australia Day. This day commemorates the first day of the establishment of an English settlement in Australia in 1788 at Port Jackson. The celebration has been continuously done since 1808 and since 1960 is the day the Australian of the Year award is given to the deserving individual.

Good Friday, Easter Saturday and Easter Monday. The period of Easter is celebrated as a holidays throughout Australia. Some states even include Easter Tuesday. The actual dates change each year as this is dependent on when Easter is celebrated.

ANZAC Day. April 25 is ANZAC day and is a public day off. This day commemorates all the individuals who have sacrificed their lives in the many wars that the country has participated in throughout history.

The Queen's Birthday. Even if there has been criticism as to the continued recognition of the UK monarchy in Australia, the historical significance of the Queen is still celebrated as her day every second Monday of June each year. The only place in Australia where it is not celebrated is in Western Australia, as the Foundation day is celebrated on the first Monday of June.

There are also a number of territory specific holidays in Australia. These are the following:

Canberra Day. This is a holiday celebrated in the Australian Capital Territory which commemorates the official act of creating Canberra back in 1913. This is celebrated on the second Monday in March.

Melbourne Day. Every first Tuesday of November is the celebration of the day the Melbourne Cup. It is also the "Family and Community Day" and by edict of law, September 24 is the recognized date.

Geelong Day. This is a celebration of the Australian love affair with horse racing. Every fourth Wednesday of October in Geelong in Victoria is the celebrated date.

Queensland Day. Every June 6th is the date that the State of Queensland was established. Though it is not a public holiday, it is often commemorated and celebrated in the state.

Adelaide Cup Day. Every second Monday of March is the celebration of the Adelaide Cup day. This is another racehorse celebration day and has been done at the Morphetville Racecourse since 2006.

Foundation Day. This public holiday is celebrated each first Monday of June but the first of June is the official date.

Picnic Day. This is done each first Monday of August and is commemorated for the opening of Darwin's railway, thus allowing individuals to go to the Adelaide River for a picnic.

There are many other public holidays in Australia resulting in long weekends. As previously stated, working on these days would earn a premium for the individual employee. Do remember, as advised in Australia Forum, "here are many different types of public holidays celebrated around Australia with significant differences from state to state." This is just one of the perks in Australia, the land of the long weekends. o

This article has been provided by Jose Marc Castro, the online editor at the Australia Forum - the primary community for people moving to Australia. The site also provides information and advice on matters such as Public holidays in Australia.

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Holiday in Bermuda a special day

Take a Look at Holidays in Bermuda

Want to add something special to your Bermuda holiday? Consider visiting New York as part of a multi-centre trip. Bermuda is one of the premier luxury holiday destinations in the world, yet many people want even more from their holidays than these beautiful islands can provide on their own. Increasingly, they are choosing to pay a visit to a very special American city as part of their holidays to Bermuda...

If you are looking to find another destination to combine with your visit to Bermuda, New York may not be the first place that springs to mind. It's hard to think of two places that are so totally different - Bermuda is famed for desert island luxury, New York for being one of the great cities of the world, and while Bermuda offers total relaxation, New York is a bustling metropolis that never sleeps. But for many this is the appeal of visiting both destinations in a single holiday. If you are looking for a trip that combines two very diverse experiences, a multi-centre holiday to Bermuda and New York could be exactly what you are looking for...

The Highlights

For luxury holiday destinations, there are few places that can match Bermuda. Consisting of over one hundred and fifty islands, the country offers glorious pink sandy beaches, five star hotels, local hospitality, and numerous opportunities to enjoy spas, golf, fine dining, and countless other luxury holiday experiences to its visitors. Bermuda can be visited all year round, but it is particularly popular as a winter sun destination for people looking to escape chilly weather at home.

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Villa Holiday or Package Holiday

Everybody knows someone who has been on one and an awful lot of people have been on one themselves. Yes we are talking about the age old Package holiday. The safest, most common holiday. Package holidays have been around for years and I am sure everyone will know someone that has went to a travel agent and booked a holiday through them. Is the tide turning though? Have people found a better way to enjoy their holidays costing them a fraction of travel agent prices?
Villa Holidays is now becoming the main way to book a holiday. For the first time since villa holidays came on the scene more holidaymakers are booking their holiday direct with the owner or through a website that offer villa holidays than with a Travel Agent.
Let us have a look at the Pros and Cons of both types of holidays. Firstly the Package Holiday. Most people know this as the safest way to book a holiday because travel agents are ABTA approved and feel more secure booking holidays through a travel agent. You do have the added gusrentee that if anything is wrong with the holiday you have some governing body to complain to and for that peace of mind you pay a premium for this. Travel Agents charge customers per person for their holidays. On the other hand if you were to book a villa holiday then you don't have the guarentee of the governing body, you deal directly with the person that owns the property therefore you cut out the middle man. Instead of paying a per person price for your holiday you pay for the villa or apartment as a whole no matter how many people are travelling. Let's say for example you were wanting to go on holiday to Spain. A travel agent could easily charge about £300 per person for an apartment in Cosat Blanca, if 4 people are going on that holiday that would cost £1200 and that is including flights. Okay now lets look at the pricing for a similar apartment in Costa Blanca. 2 weeks at the height of the season in July or August would cost £550 but that is for the apartment, that is £137.5 per person, just for the accommodation. The days of the internet are upon us and even flight companies are offering cheap flights to their customers. An average price of a flight to the Costa Blanca is about £59 so the total price of the holiday booked direct with the villa owner is £196.50 now the total cost of the holiday for 4 people is £786 saving you £414 that is over £100 per person.
Now I hear you cry but you have no guarentees! If you follow a few simple steps you can have the guarentees in writing. We spoke with Peter Hartley the Managing Director of Last Minute Villa Holiday who said " Villa Holidays are a boom at the moment, people are wanting to go on holiday and have more money to spend when they are on holiday. You can save a lot of money by booking a villa or apartment rather than booking with a travel agent but I would advise on following these simple guidelines to make sure you have the guarentees you are looking for. Firstly always speak to the villa owner by telephone,it is better than just talking by email, Before you phone make sure you have a list of questions written down that you want answered. If you do not feel comfortable with the answers then you do not book the villa or apartment. Always make sure you get emailed confirmation of the reservation of the villa or apartment before you send a deposit or the full payment. If you are still feeling unsure about booking with a certain villa owner contact the website you found it on and speak to them directly. Our Company always ensure that our customers are happy before they book the accommodation. We can put them in touch with the villa owner directly or if they would rather deal with a company we would make the booking for them. In Summary if they follow these simple rules then they are assured a great holiday."
So is it a Villa Holiday or a Package Holiday this year. I would always go for the one that saved me the most money and allowed me more money to spend on Holiday.
Peter Hartley
Managing Director Last Minute Villa Holiday