Monday, 15 March 2010

Flies: Are they a menace on holiday?

Australia, specifically the Tropical North Queensland region, has many many incredible things to offer. Although it is nice to spend your days walking through the rainforests and discovering all the wonderful nature it has to offer, you will also come into contact with numerous flies.

While you are in the Rainforest you may find yourself doing the Great Australian Salute. This is what is referred to as brushing you hand across your face in order to ward off all the flies. Flies are so commonly found in this region, as well as all of Australia, that resident often joke about the flies being the National Bird for Australia.

When planning to spend a fair amount of time in the great outdoors, especially while attending picnics and barbecues and such, you will want to make sure to take along the bug repellent and be sure to bring along plenty of aluminum foil or saran wrap to cover up food items. Flies may also be referred to as little blitters and you will see most places have fly paper as well as fly swatters readily available.

It has be found, by Stockmen, that if you attach a cork from the rim of your hat it will sway back and forth swatting away the flies while keeping your hands free to conduct your work. This is though of as an excellent idea and has brought about a popular saying amongst Australians. If an Australian is discussing a person with intelligence they will say that there are no flies on him or her.

While flies could be extremely bothersome and many individuals do not enjoy when they shoot down upon food, they actually do not present any major menace to man or other creatures. Some of the unusual breeds of flies in Australia do bite, particularly those encountered in swamplands, called sand flies as well as those encountered upon farms, called horse flies, however no damage will surface from these type of bites and a bit of eucalyptus oil will take the sting right out from a fly bite. Regrettably dealings with these little blitters is simply a part of the Australian experience and essentially needs to be stomached.

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