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5 great reasons to visit the Bulgarian Black sea coast

It is an easy accessible holiday spot from across Europe and UK and it does not prove costly on your budget to visit Bulgaria during your holidays. The summer season in Bulgaria starts from the beginning of May and remains till the end of October. it becomes a seaside holiday season in Bulgaria and the rest of the year there are many winter sports that the tourists can enjoy here.

The Black Sea coast is in addition one of the most excellent spa locales. It is an amalgamation of sea ambiance, mineral showers, hot bounces, and health-giving mud. Nothing more is required to stamp the quality of Black Sea in Bulgaria. Various innovations and alterations are planned and are geared up to welcome the year 2010.

If you are planning your vacations in the year 2010 then you should know from where to begin your journey so that you can get most out of your trip to Bulgaria. If you want a city break in your holidays then you should visit the capital of Bulgaria that is Sofia. The best time to visit Sofia is during summer or spring season. If you want skiing holidays then you should come here in winter season. But if you want to explore the real beauty of Bulgaria then you should head for the beautiful Black Sea coastline of Bulgaria in the summer season.

It is a really beautiful place. You can find private islets as well as package holiday resorts on the black sea coast line of Bulgaria. There are ancient port towns along with the coastal line from where you can enjoy some breath taking cliff views. And if you want to explore the best of this coast line then you should begin your journey from a small town named Sozopol.

Sozopol is the most ancient place of the nation. In fact it dates back to the Bronze Age. You can find the settlements relating to the Bronze Age still preserved in the town. Extensive exploration has been taken place in this place and the underwater exploration has revealed out relics and anchors that relate to the first or second millennia BC. In fact the best part of the Sozopol is its ancient buildings, relics and forts. This place is a treat for history lovers.

Sozopol is a beautiful summer resort. The beaches along with this town are covered with soft sand. The water of the black sea at this place is warm and clean. There are lots of restaurants, bars in this town where you can enjoy good cuisines. The market here is very good and there are plenty of shops where you can enjoy your shopping. There are many other exciting things to do and places to visit here all making it a really nice place for family holidays.

International festival of art and culture takes place here every year in the month of September. The best names of literature, films, dance etc are showcased in this festival. This festival of arts is called as Apollina festival of arts. So if you are planning your summer 2010 holidays in Bulgaria then make it sure to reach this place around September to attend this beautiful festival of arts.

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